A clear and strong balance sheet

Protecting and securing your assets is our highest priority. This is why Banque Thaler maintains a strong balance sheet with equity that far surpasses the required capital ratios.

On 31 December 2016, Banque Thaler had equity of CHF 61.2 million, as compared to a required equity of to CHF 16.5 million. The ratio of regulatory equity (FINMA ratio) came to 36.41%, more than triple the 10.5% required by the Swiss regulator. Banque Thaler is committed to pursuing a conservative and prudent policy as well as maintaining a level of equity significantly higher than the legal requirements. This is the reason for our decision to keep nearly all of our balance sheet assets as cash and deposit a maximum of these assets with the Swiss National Bank, with institutions with an implicit state guarantee such as PostFinance (the financial institution of the Swiss Post) or with international organizations such as Clearstream and Swiss Euro Clearing.

To complete this policy of prudence, Banque Thaler does not provide commercial loans to businesses or mortgage loans. Under certain – strict – conditions, our customers can obtain a Lombard loan, provided they pledge their securities portfolio as a deposit. This provides the best guarantee against the bank incurring losses due to default on loans.